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  Why We Do?.

"Rekha, a small girl from the Azad Nagar, Rasulabad (Surat) …Her beautiful cheeks … It gives the smiles of a goddess…. She doesn't have new clothes to wear on dipawali or birthday…….. Her days are just the plays with rags and waste….To her dirt's- the thrown away pieces were livelihood… early mornings going after street to street…. No games to play…. No ice cream to rock on….. No kisses from mom & dad…….No friends to play with ….For her the thrown away wastes from city, stations….The discriminated looks…..The unwanted feelings thrown away from the bosses…That's all life for her… She doesn't know anything beyond….. Still she is happy…..Happy like an angel….. She catches every ones love very soon…. Shop keepers waits for her…..Her smile…She don't know any other world than slum… For her, her "Jupat Patti"… is a bungalow. Today she is married …Have 2 kids…. Now in her place, the baby rag picker is her daughter. With same innocence…."

Thus goes the story generation after generation as the work…profiles as if the clan profile. This small girls smile & happiness made a start. She doesn't have any worries. She doesn't know what to worry about….What am enjoying in my full-fledged office room, my apartments, my trips. She also needs the same…not just her…Another 1 million more children…. This realization was the starting point of a history…..I can't change the life of a thousand…..But I can just make a system…My expertise can give life to many where millions of people get a new life that will be my commitment back to my society from where I had come…..This was the story of SPRS (Slum Permanent Record System) -Founder , SPRS Research Foundation

SPRS means a touch …..SPRS intends to touch the millions of untouched Slum dwellers & urban Poor whose life is at risk in terms of infrastructure, social security & unhealthy living environment. SPRS….It is Cumulative information at your finger tips supported by the efforts for resource mobilization & management

Our nation always believed in the potential of grassroots as our father, Mahatma Gandhi says India's heart lies in the villages.  Inspired by this we like to touch the untouched buildable sections of the people who are the real pillars of the economic progress of the country.  Their inclusiveness as a whole are not accounted so far in the policies and other various programmes including the government as well as the civil society initiatives. The comprehensive profile of the poor is the need. SPRS work for this. We strive for the affordable sustainable living environment to urban poor by providing them the Equity & identity for progressive development.

Regional influence on development:

The poverty profile changes by time and place. So the strategies have to be developed addressing the needs of the urban poor as per the verified needs of time and place. Data's plays the major role in the policy and the strategy formulation of the slum up gradations with the different parameters including health, infrastructure, education, social security, security for tenure etc. For an inclusive economic growth, the policies should be based on these indicators. So the profile of the people depicting the extend of vulnerability in accordance with the indicators is needed. Role of SPRS is rotated here. As in Guwahati in the northeast region, where we studied the importance of the regional factors on the slum identification process, the SPRS provides a platform providing the qualitative and quantitative detailing of the poor which can be further directed to the policy formulation and strategy development as per the city specific needs.

Bridging the gap between the service providers & beneficiaries

As a link between the government, stake holders and the community, we basically focus on :

  • Research
  • Technical support
  • Logistics support

Our data's base which is of unique in the country provides the segregated data as per the varied indicators helps the researchers, development institutions & government bodies to have a proper analytic approach based on the quantified and qualitative profile of the community and to track the beneficiaries of the various programmes from the community

We work with the different categories of people from the executives to the grassroots level that cares about the resource requirement of slum dwellers for a quality life in the country. We try to support the slum dwellers by making them capable to visualize a life beyond slums.  Let them dream a life beyond slums…Let us dream a slum free cities!

SPRS means a touch …..SPRS intends to touch the millions of untouched Slum dwellers & urban Poor whose life is at risk

SPRS supports the slum dwellers & poor by making them capable to visualize a life beyond slums …SPRS visualizes a slum free cities!