Core Services : Statistical Data Models.

Statistical Data Models:

Slum improvement programmes need coordinated efforts at various levels to reach the end user. Individuals cannot reach every one. For that a system and a concerted effort is needed which is capable of reaching the poor and can change the life of generations. The pyramid of the poor up gradation or development is in the order of global- national - state- city-where the implementation is a reverse pyramid which starts from city level. Effective implementation requires ample planning measures and supports. A bottom- to- top level monitoring is required for proper implementation and it needs a concerted & cumulative efforts wherein SPRS can manage it through MIS. As a physical & financial monitoring tool, we link SPRS MIS with the GIS mapping. For this, based on the quantitative analysis, we prepare statistical data models based on the available global best practices and we reach these solutions to the grassroots level. The scope of statistical analytical models is as:

  • Housing & Infrastructure
    • Land
    • Finance
  • Health Assessment
  • Educational Appraisal
  • Livelihood & employment assessment
  • Assessment of anti social activities

SPRS MIS links to the GIS mapping system and reach to the grass root communities the sustainable solutions based on analytical quantities data models and participatory innovative best practices. 

"In-depth analysis of community concerns visualizes the development sustainability. The programme designing should be analytical and inclusive of the comprehensive culturally competent assessment of community needs and concerns"