Core Services : Statistical Assessment.

Statistical assessment:

Data analysis forms the core part of the research where we analyze data which is collected and it will tell the effect of the particular indicator on the population under the study. The main process in analysis is the identification of the major themes / codes in the data and indentifying the ideas and patterns of the same.

Here in the study, once the data's are collected then, it will be sorted as per the indicators and analysis of the resource statistics and usage among the people will be made and the profile of household and slum will be made. The data sorting will be done on following basis:

  • Basic details: General information on slum including physiographic details
  • Land status: Ownership
  • Demography: Population & health, Literacy & Education
  • Housing Status: Dwelling unit structure, land tenure status,
  • Economic Structure: Economic status, Occupation status,
  • Infrastructure: Drinking water, Water supply system connectivity, Drainage, sewerage, sanitation , solid waste management etc
  • Education: Pre primary schooling, primary schooling, high school, adult education, non formal education etc
  • Health facilities : existence of health facilities
  • Social development/ welfare: Availability of social & welfare facilities within the slum
  • Governance

Analysis directs to the sustainability of the efforts. Hence Slum profiling and analysis forms the core base of the SPRS as the holistic poverty reduction strategy

"As per 2001 census report the slum population of India in cities and towns with a population of 50,000 and above was 42.6 million, which is 22.6 per cent of the urban Population of the states/ Union Territories reporting slums" - INDIA: URBAN POVERTY, REPORT 2009