Core Services : Socio-economic Survey.

Socio economic survey :

SPRS conducts a detailed socio economic survey on the slums as per the directions provided in the " formats & guidelines for survey and preparation of slum, household & livelihood profile of cities& towns- Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation & National Buildings Organization "

In the survey, we make an attempt to analyze the resource statistics in line with the present as well as the forecasted population. We focus on the major socio economic indicators including land ownership, access to basic services etc . Here is the list of the activities to be carried out:

  • Slum survey
  • Slum profiling
  • Livelihood Survey
  • House hold Survey

Right to live means the right for a place to live. SPRS perceives the security of tenure as the basic right of an individual.

Slum analysis is the effective way of addressing poverty and life quality by analyzing and assessing the basic life situation of the people on the selected indicators concerning to the slum existence & household level details which includes slum details, household level details, infrastructure, age group, work place distance, amenities and livelihood.