Core Services : Policy Revisions for Slum Free Cities.

Policy revisions for slum free cities:

After the profiling and the community planning activities, the action plan for the slum free cities will be formulated in consultation with the various stake holders and the slum policy will be developed.. The slum policies developed in coordination with the local bodies for the city specific needs provide the base for the policy revisions for the various sectors.


Draft Policy Documents

Kolhapur city slum policy download - courtesy to Kolhapur City Corporation


Nanded City Slum Policy download - courtesy to Nanded Waghala City Municipal Corporation




Surat City Slum Policy download - courtesy to Surat City Municipal Corporation Surat


Raipur City Slum Policy download - courtesy to Raipur City Municipal Corporation


Bilaspur City Slum Policy download - courtesy to Bilaspur City Municipal Corporation



Guwahati City Slum Policy download - courtesy to Guwahati Municipal Corporation


SPRS comprehends community participatory meetings as the effective device to prioritize the needs of the community as well as to make the strategies & solutions sustainable

In India, almost 260 million people are living under Below Poverty Line and out of that 150 million are living in slums. This is not just due to the lack of resources . But inappropriate policy regulations make them unable to access the resources. We take a lead for the environment modifications for these million & million of slum population