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What We Are? : Our Team.

Our Team:

We have a strong inter disciplinary team consists of researchers, statisticians, IT professionals etc. The team consists of:


As a platform to outreach the expertise of the AAPIL Planning & Consultancy, Ms. Hema R. Dudhwala formed the SPRS research Foundation.

Hema R. Dudhwala is the director of the AAPIL Planning & consultancy and the Principal of the SPRS Research Foundation. She possess almost 17 years of urban planning, poverty research and architectural experience. Her work on the "Sustainable steps towards slum free city: a case of Surat" awarded as the one of the global Best Practices by the United Nations ( United Nations Human Settlement Programme ) and she presented a paper on the same in the Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Human Settlements, 2006."

She is a member of various professional organizations involving Indian Institute of Architects, Indian Institute of Town Planners, American planning association etc.She also possess strong academic experience which involves her work as the acting principal, visiting faculty and the project guide in architectural studies. Currently she is a Research scholar of National Institute of Technology, Surat on the topic "Policy and strategy to eradicate slum ; A case study of Surat

Research wing:

The research wing handles the research process & implementation. The team consists interdisciplinary specialists who are involved in the programme planning, surveying, methodological support for implementation, research coordination, analysis, interpretation, appraisal, documentation as well as the publication of the various research programmes. The team constitutes various sociologists, economists, statisticians etc and is leaded by the various well known researchers and the doctoral holders in the country.

Information Technology Wing:

This team offers the technical solutions for the implementation of the research programmes. They support the research programme by providing the technical models for the time bounded data sorting and evaluation. In addition the team also provides all kinds of technical support for the research implementation.

Administration Wing:

This section take care the administration and the management of the programmes. The team deals with the necessary office administrational and the management aspects as well as the communication regarding the programme implementation.

SPRS revisits the quality of life and living surroundings through the application of the technologically enabled development system at the grass root level

Interdisciplinary specialists engaged in programme planning, survey, analysis & interpretation supported with GIS mapping & best practice documentations