Assam : Lala.


              Slum Pockets of Lala Town

Lala is the  part of Hailakandi district of Assam.The town is surrounded by Karimganj district on the north, Silcher district on the south. The population of town is 10270 in 2001 where the slum population is 3726(census 2001).economic source of Lala town is based upon tertiary sector which includes trade ,commerce, transportation as well as government jobs. Activities related to trade and commerce and transportation alone comprise of 32.28% of the total employment of the town. The workforce participation ratio of Lala town is 29% .The basic infrastructure are like road, water supply, sanitation, solid waste management are very poor.


Slum Scenario- Lala:

The slum scenario of the Lala is really challenging where 36.28% of the population live in the slum area. The geographic condition of the town is such that mostly all the slum area are affected in floods or roadside. The existing slum is divided into 4 nos in four numbers of wards which can be detailed as in the table below:


Ward    No.    Slum Pocket No.           Slum Population   Ward Population   % of slum population to ward population    % of Slum population to town population
1 Slum pocket no-1 1215 3211 37.84 11.83
2 Slum pocket no-2 551 2375 23.20 5.37
3 Slum pocket no-3 615 2326 26.44 5.99
4 Slum pocket no-4 1345 2358 57.04 13.10
  TOTAL 3726 10270 36.28 36.28


 Lala Chart

                                        Comparison of ward to slum Population


Along with other initiatives, we submitted financial resource management proposal to the Lala Town Committee for 60 new dwelling units and the infrastructure strengthening of the existing ones.


Lala Pic

                               Poor health and congested housing situation in Lala