Assam : Kampur.


The Kampur town is the  part of Nogaon district in the state of Assam. The poverty ratio of town is high.The population of town as per census 2001 is 13755 where the slum population is 4350. This shows that 31.0% of the slum population lives in the slum area. The economic source of Kampur town is based upon tertiary sector which includes trade, commerce, transportation and government jobs. It is found that such a low rate of employment of the town is due to the inadequate industrial infrastructure of the town

                                         Slum Profile- Kampur

 The slum scenario of the Kampur is really challenging where 31.64% of the population live in the slum area. The geographic condition of the town is such that mostly all the slum area are road side and water login area. The existing slum is divided into 5 nos in five numbers of ward. Slum pockets with tentative demarcation are shown in the map.The slum analysis conducted reflects the profile of kampur as:


Ward No Name of slum pocket Ward Population Slum Population Slum Households % of slum population to ward population % of Slum population to town population
1 Pocket no - 1 2636 375 75 14.23 2.73
2 Pocket no - 2 2476 840 168 33.93 6.11
3 Pocket no - 3 2806 2045 409 72.88 14.87
4 Pocket no - 4 2976 570 114 19.15 4.14
5 Pocket no - 5 2861 520 104 18.18 3.78


13755 4350 870 31.62 31.62

 Kampur Chart

                                           Comparison of ward to slum population


We submitted a proposal for financial resource management proposal to the Kampur Town Committee for the establishment of the 62 new dwelling units and the infrastructure capacity building of the existing one which is to be carried in association with the Directorate of Town & Country Planning & Kampur Town Committee.


 Kampur Pic

                                        Poor housing facilities of slums in Kampur