Assam : Hailakandi.


                                             Slum Pockets in Hailakandi

Hailakaandi the district headquarters of Hailakandi district  is located in the state of Assam The Hailakandi is located in the Southern  part of Assam popularly  known as the Barak Valley. The town is surrounded by Karimganj district on the north, Silcher district on the south and West Dhaleswari river. Hailakaandi town area is 645.79 Hectare. The population of town is 29739 in 2001( census 2001)  where the slum population is 10694. only 28.92% of the population is employed. It is found that such a low rate of employment of the town is due to the inadequate industrial infrastructure of the town. The basic infrastructure are like road, water supply, sanitation, solid waste management are very poor compared to the requirement. The geographic condition of the town is such that mostly all the slum area are affected in floods.

Hailakandi- Slum Profile:

The slum scenario of the Hailakandi is really challenging where 36% of the population live in the slum area. The geographic condition of the town is such that mostly all the slum area are affected in floods. The existing slum is divided into 11 nos in ten numbers of wards. Consequently to the slum analysis, the team, prepared a comprehensive profile of the town which can be tabulated as:


Ward No Name of slum pocket / Name Ward Population Total Population % of slum population to ward population % of Slum population to town population
1 a) Paul para slum area in W.No.-1 Hailakandi Town. 4770 1630 34.17 5.48
  b) Mazarbhuiya Slum area in W.No.-1, Hailakandi Town.        
2 Mazumder Coloney Slum area in W.No.2, Hailakandi Town. 2861 804 28.10 2.70
3 Ray Para slum area in W.No. 3, Hailakandi Town. 3403 1750 51.43 5.88
4 Das Coloney Slum area in W.No - 4, Hailakandi Town. 2923 1060 36.26 3.56
5 Bhowmik Para slum area in W.No. 5, Hailakandi Town. 2228 670 30.07 2.25
6 Nath Para slum area in W.No.6 2380 1400 58.82 4.71
7 Debnath Coloney Slum area in W.No. - 7, Hailakandi Town. 2930 750 25.60 2.52
8 Malakar Coloney Slum area in W.No.- 9 4193 1810 43.17 6.09
9 Jainta Patty slum area in W.No.-9 1619 220 13.59 0.74
10 Acharjee Para slum area in W.No. 10 2433 600 24.66 2.02
    29740 10694 35.95 35.95

Hailakandi Chart 

                                       Comparison to ward to slum population

After the analysis & profiling process, we submitted proposal to the Hailakandi Municipal Board  for the establishment of the 76 new dwelling units and the infrastructure capacity development for the new ones.

 Hailakandi Pic

            Poor Housing and road facilities in Slums of Hailakandi