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                                          Slum Pockets in Guwahati


Guwahati is a fast growing metropolis and the most important city of the region. The city have  a population of 8.9 Lakhs (Census 2001) .Guwahati is a part of Kamrup District and is situated between 25.43 and 26.51 North Latitude and between 90.36 and 92.12 East Longitude. Located on the banks of the Brahamaputra River, it is the largest commercial, industrial and educational center of the N-E region. The area is known as the Guwahati metropolitan area (GMA) and covers an area of 264 kms.

Guwahati- Slum Profile:

In Guwahati city, there are 94 slums. The approximate house hold is 20125 numbers where approximate population is 100625. The city's 12.64% population living in slum area   The major challenge is industrialization. The development of the city also takes many things which puts enormous pressure on the infrastructure along with the challenge possessed by immigration. Details are as:


Categories No of Slum Pockets No of Approximate House hold Approximate Population
1 52 17056 102336
2 24 5380 32280
3 6 2850 17100
4 8 2680 16080
  90 27966 167796


Guwahati Pic

                              Guwahati in need of infrastructure Facilities