Reporting Panel : Demography.

Demography deals with the population studies Oxford dictionary & thesaurus (Julia Elliott) defines demography as the study of statistics of birth, death disease etc. The dictionary of sociology ( Gordon Marshall, 1998) describes demography as the study of human populations, their growth in accordance with the changing patterns in society including migration, fertility, mortality and the associated characteristics like sex-ratio, dependency ratio & age structure etc. Common methodology of the demographic studies involves analysis of the databases, statistics, and population census etc. demographers focus on the population projections. Social demography deals with the analysis of the social & cultural patterns related to the population characteristics

SPRS perceives demography as the population summary in the particular city. In the reporting panel, one can get the state city, ward n slum population based on the characteristics including age & gender etc. panel also provides to identify the population along with the identifiable barcode which helps to get the household summary