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  Capacity Building.

  • Capacity Building Programme:

SPRS Research foundation acts as a community resource centre where we empower the communities for effective participation in the development through various training programmes and skill up gradation programmes. In addition we support the development institutions and government bodies for the application of advanced technology in the social development process and the management of the social development projects especially on the community analysis, development planning management etc.

Through the capacity building programme, SPRS intends to train and thus to enhance the skills and the capacities of:

  • Slum dwellers
  • local government Bodies
  • NGos/ CBO leaders

The programme deals with the operation and management of community resources in the context of poverty alleviation. Following are the details

Slum dwellers

Following are the details of the topics covered.  Life training:

  • healthy life style
  • apartment living
  • Relationship care
  • House Keeping
  • Decision Making & other life skills
  • Money Care

Environment Care

  • Environment hygiene& Keeping the surrounding clean
  • Care & keeping of basic services - water, sanitation, waste, transport & other facilities
  • Pollution care

Health Care

  • Health practices
  • Child hood care
  • Basic sex education
  • Disease care
  • Flood / disaster preparation & dealing
  • Drug usage
  • Sex education

Education & Livelihood

  • Basic Education
  • Adult & continuing education
  • Vocational training / livelihood education
  • Occupational training for working people


  • Public participation
  • Community& social living
  • Civic engagement
Local Bodies

Following are the details of the topics covered.

Community Governance

  • Working with poor & weak communities
  • Achieving community participation
  • Public governance
  • Community resource management
  • Community health care
  • Social skills

Project Management

  • Finance management
  • programme coordination & implementation
  • Programme monitoring & evaluation
  • Managerial & coordination skills
  • Documentation & other technical skills

Poverty reduction

  • Micro finance
  • Feasible Livelihood promotion for poor communities

Community service management

  • Management off basic services including water, sanitation, drainage, transportation etc for community management

Human Settlement:

  • Housing Infrastructure: needs , operation & management

NGO/ CBO  Community Organization:

  • Community participation, community services & resources care, healthy community practices

Programme Management:

  • Developing & managing targeting programmes for poor & slum communities
  • Monitoring & coordination skills
  • Documentation skills
  • Technical skills


  • Developing & maintaining partnership with communities, government bodies & other social partners in other context of poverty reduction

Survey & research:

  • Social survey, social research & project analysis

Poverty Reduction

  • Livelihood promotion & training, Micro finance, Entrepreneurship skills
  • Employment training for poor communities