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Govt. of India

What we are

One of the Leading poverty research institute expertise on slum analysis, biometric survey, slum policies etc...

What we do

Slum profi ling, biometric survey, statistical assessment IT solutions, analytical Policy models &revisions etc....

Why we do

We strive for the affordable sustainable living environment to poor & slum dwellers by providing them the Equity & identity

Success Stories

We initiated slum comprehensive poverty reduction study in Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Goa & many other cities...

Report Panel

Reporting Panel provides the state, city & slum wise data on the selected indicators supported with the slum and individual identity code...

SPRS Associates

We run programme with the various government, nongovernment as well as the research institutes in the country...

Capacity Building

SPRS Research foundation acts resource centre where we train and empower the communities, government and institutions...


Our research reports are published periodically in the various international publications government and institutions...

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